Thursday, June 26, 2014

Golf Course Update June 26th, 2014

I have not update the blog in several weeks. We have been busy getting the course ready for the 61st Annual Ladies' Tumbleweed tournament. Greens are rolling well, which translates into better speeds. Speeds over last weekend were averaging 10' 4". So at the higher end of our what our maintenance program provides.
Greens have all been sprayed with TurfScreen. This is much like putting sunscreen on the greens much like you put on yourself in the hot summer months. It actually was developed from a Superintendent who accidentally spilled some on a green. Now, I do not recommend spraying your lawn with sunscreen or spaying sunscreen on yourself next to the green, as we are talking about two different types of formulations. This TurfScreen does help our greens get through the summer heat well. You can see a difference in color from where the sprayers started spraying and where it stopped. 



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