Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sod is finished on #10 tee!

With the great weather we had over Thanksgiving and with the help of Sergio Flores (Superintendent at Pasco Golf Land) and his son Sergio Jr., we were able to get all the sod down on #10 tee box.
Marco did a great job of leveling the tee box and getting everything set.
Here is what it looks like from up at the Pro Shop. Definitely a drastic change from the uneven tee box that was there. The forward tee box also changed by adding over 5 yards of forward teeing area and 2 yards left, let alone not having to hit from a lowered position.
It was a good thing we were able to get it laid down when we did.  We had great 60+ degree weather and were able to water the sod in well. Then came the snow and now it sits below the snow and current 17 degree air temperatures. We will wait to work on #3 tee box until after the first of the year when staff shows back up to get things going again.


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